Commander of Azov: There cannot be any celebrations while we are surrendering our territory.

The Defender of Ukraine Day was celebrated on October 14th.

A "March of Heroes” took place in Kharkiv.

The event was organized by a civic branch of the Azov battalion and joined by the activists of Pravy Sektor, Shidniy Corps special unit and the residents of Kharkiv.

Almost 1500 people took part in the event.  The national anthem was sung and patriotic songs were chanted.  The soldiers of 92th brigade displayed their battle flag.

Andriy Biletskiy,the founder of Azov battalion, now a Ukrainian MP,  criticized the situation on the front lines.

“With one hand our authorities give us this handout of a holiday and on the other hand they sign the capitulation. We will have the real 14th of October celebration when all the Ukraine is free and when we rebuild a great Ukraine” said the MP.

Andriy Biletskiy stated that the Minsk agreement and Normandy quartet talks are not serving in the best interests of Ukraine.

"There cannot be any holiday for our army servicemen just when we are surrendering our territories. Minsk and Normandy Quartet talks are not going in the right direction and each Ukrainian feels it" - said the commander of Azov battalion.

  Azov battalion, Andriy Biletskiy, Minsk agreement