Condoleezza Rice tells Ukraine to wait until the sanctions affect the Russian economy

The former United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, believes that the US has to help Ukraine and strengthen its security. At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the Minsk Agreements and wait until sanctions and low oil prices impact the Russian economy.

“I believe that we should help Ukraine to protect itself. I believe that people should have the ability to protect themselves with the help of small arms. However, the American Government didn’t choose this path and I understand it,” Rice said in her interview with ICTV. According to her, the Minsk Agreements are constantly violated by Russia but sanctions and low oil prices will have their effect.

“It is obvious that the Minsk Agreements are constantly violated but we should be patient and continue to stand our ground. Sanctions and low oil prices will cause serious damage to Russia’s economy,” the former United States Secretary of State convinced.

Rice also added that Ukraine should implement economic reforms and authorities have to make greater efforts. Earlier, Rice advised Ukraine to not count on receiving weapons from Washington. Instead, the US will strengthen the defensive capabilities of NATO in the region.

In turn, a Congressman of the United States House of Representatives for Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District, Joe Pitts, stated that Ukrainians shouldn’t wait for weapons from President Obama’s Administration because the current President of the US is afraid of being accused of unleashing a new war at the end of his term.

Meanwhile, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the President of the United States, John Kasich, has promised to provide weapons to Ukraine. According to him, he would transfer weapons to Ukrainian servicemen during the first 100 days of his term.

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