Ukrainian court released one of the founders of the LPR

According to Hromadske, the Trinity District Court of Luhansk has exempted Serhiy Korsunsky of any criminal liability in the creation of the so-called Luhansk People's Republic (LPR). He was subsequently released.

Korsunsky’s lawyers had previously petitioned that he be exempted. The prosecutor also requested that he be released due to his cooperation with the investigation and his assistance to law enforcement authorities.

“During the pre-trial investigation, and according to the prosecutor, it was established that there is no proof of Korsunsky committing any other crimes besides being involved in a terrorist organization. Korsunsky voluntarily informed law enforcement authorities of the activities of the LPR, and also contributed to the disclosure of the crimes of the LPR,” the text of the court’s decision stated.

Korsunsky was spotted in a restaurant in Kyiv on the 2nd of February. A video, entitled “the commander of the army of LPR and deputy of the main terrorist in a restaurant in Kyiv” was shared on social networking sites.

Korsunsky was then detained on the 3rd of February and had partially admitted his guilt. The Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv chose preventive measures for Korsunsky in the form of detention. He then spent eight months in the prison of the Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) in Kyiv.

In addition, Luhansk lawyer and human rights activist, Ihor Chudovsky, had said that Korsunsky was involved in the assassination attempt on his life.

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