Crimea hopes to attract Chinese tourists

Authorities of the occupied peninsula are waiting for tourists from China for the 2016 holiday season.

The occupational authorities of the Crimea hope that they will be able to surprise tourists from China during the holiday season and compensate for the shortage of vacationers, according to the head of the Crimean Parliament Committee for Health Resorts and Tourism, Alexey Chernyak.

"The first group of more than 20 people visited Sevastopol on May 9th. We are already receiving pre-orders for September," RIA Novosti quoted Chernyak.

The official assures that authorities will be able to impress the Chinese with historical and educational tours.

"We will conduct negotiations on the formation of organized groups of tourists from China to the Crimea, and also on attracting Chinese investments for the creation of a network of restaurants specializing in their national cuisine," Chernyak said.

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