Crimean MP arrested by Ukrainian authorities

Crimean MP, Vladimir Galichiy, has been arrested at the border with Ukraine.

According to, Vladimir Galichiy has been detained attempting to cross the border from Ukraine to Crimea.

According to the ruling of the Pechersky district court of Kiev, the 49 Crimean MP who last year voted in favor of the Crimea referendum were put on a wanted list. They have been charged with treason by Ukrainian authorities.

Vladimir Galichiy is one of the 49 and the first to be arrested by Ukrainian authorities

An internal source has stated that the information has already reached the Russian foreign affairs office.

Ukraine has made it clear to the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov that the issue is involving a Ukrainian citizen so it is solely an Ukrainian internal affair.

These MPs were accused of treason by Ukrainian authorities. If proven guilty the sentence could be of 10 to 15 years imprisonment.

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