Czech Minister of Defense: It is possible that Russia is financing the influx of refugees to Europe.

Russia can be involved in financing of refugees and their transportation to Europe - said the Minister of Defense of Czech republic.

As reported by Radio Praha, Martin Stropnický, The head of the Czech Defense Ministry expressed his opinion in his interview to Czech MF DNES .

The minister shared the information received from the Hungarian Minister of defense concerning the transportation routes of the migrants to the EU border. The minister said that he was informed that the transportation of migrants is carried out by the buses supposedly paid for by Russia.

“Although I do not have 100% proof of this information, I cannot discount it either" said the Minister.

“This is the way Russia might be financing the influx of refugees to Europe.”

"Although I do not have solid proof we can ask ourselves who is interested in this mass movement of refugees towards the European Union. I can say that Russia is not interested in a strong and united Europe" - added the Czech Minister.

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