Dutch bank lists Ukraine as one of the most promising new markets

Dutch ABN AMRO Bank listed Ukraine as one of the countries with a promising market that can replace the BRIC countries, as stated on the bank’s official website.

Ukraine was placed first on the list of four promising countries. Also included on this list were Vietnam, Mexico and Ghana.

"Yes, the country still has problems in its relations with Russia. However, the country's foreign trade is increasingly reorienting itself in the direction of the West. Ukraine is an attractive option for the Dutch agricultural sector," the bank stated in a brief synopsis of the Ukrainian economy.

The bank's experts noted that the Netherlands can become a new market for Ukrainian products and that Dutch entrepreneurs can find new market opportunities in Ukraine for their own products that have seen a shrink in demand as a result of the sanctions placed on Russia.

It should be noted that the ABN Amro Group NV, which is the second largest bank in the Netherlands, received €3.3 billion after the IPO in November, as reported by Bloomberg.

As of 2012 the bank was ranked the 48th largest bank in the world.

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