Dutch company receives grant to print anti-EU-Ukraine AA ad campaign on toilet paper

A private company in the Netherlands, Raspoetin BV, has received a €50,000 grant from Dutch authorities to produce toilet paper with calls to vote against the referendum of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

The company is one of 72 organizations and individuals to whom the Commission for the Referendum has provided grants from a total fund of €2 million.  An amount of €47,973 has been allocated for the "manufacture, transportation and distribution of the toilet paper, which is printed with the arguments against the Association and the disadvantages of Ukraine's accession to the EU".

Raspoetin BV was established in 2012.  Its owner, Ruben Marsman, has said that he is a “concerned citizen” and will use this opportunity to be heard.  "Usually, you get to vote every four years.  Now, we have the opportunity to be heard in between elections.  This is quite a unique opportunity for the Netherlands," he said.

The company plans to print 100,000 rolls of toilet paper, which will be distributed in stores.  "However, a certain amount will be sent to influential institutes in the Netherlands," Marsman said.

As previously reported, €50,000 is the maximum amount of the grant that the Commission for the Referendum can allocate.  In total, there were 180 applications for funding, and 72 applicants who were accepted.

Within the campaign, the Commission for the Referendum should allocated €700,000 for both the supporters and the opponents of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.  Another €600 million will be provided for those who maintain a neutral position.

The referendum in the Netherlands on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will be held on the 6th of April.

On February 1st, it was reported that the number of opponents of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement had decreased to 56%.

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