Erdogan: Russia is not Bombing Islamic State Targets in Syria

After Friday prayers at the Al-Imam Ali Mosque, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters that Russia doesn't attack the Islamic State, but it is bombing the Syrian opposition. In his comment, he criticized Russia’s actions in Georgia in 2008 and in Ukraine.

“The actions that Russia is taking in Syria, what does Russia say they are doing? They say they are there at the request of the Syrian Government. Currently, the Syrian Government is not legitimate. The United Nations recognizes this. Also, you are not obligated to respond to every request. Why did they go to Georgia? Was it because you were called there? What have you lost there? You went to Ukraine because you were called there? Why did you do that? Don't you think that you will be asked to answer all these questions? Now, it’s obvious that the same behaviour is being repeated in Ukraine,” Anadolu quotes Erdoğan as saying.

“They say that fight against Daesh (Islamic State) in Syria. No, Russia is not fighting against Daesh in Syria. Quite the opposite; they are bombing moderate opposition positions and most importantly our Turkmen compatriots on Mount Turkmandagy,” Turkish President stated.

Erdoğan reported that he has met with the representatives of the Turkmen from Bayyrbudzhak. “They openly say that their villages are subjected to intense bombing. Unfortunately, the Russians want to deceive the world with serious misinformation. Of course, the world doesn’t want to accept this,” Turkish leader stated.

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