Estonian Defense Minister: Russia regularly violates our airspace

Russian warplanes regularly violate Estonian airspace. This was reported by the Minister of Defense of Estonia, Hannes Hanso, during a visit to Paris on the 3rd of May. He added that this is “extremely reckless behavior” by Moscow.

“They are violating our airspace fairly regularly. They fly over the Baltic Sea with their transponders switched off,” Hanso reported.

He added that even though military radar can detect a plane which has its transponders turned off, civilian aircraft are unable to do so.

“It is unwise and may cause an accident. Imagine a crash of a Russian aircraft with a civil one. Countries do not normally do such things. This is just to provoke and challenge us. It is unacceptable,” Hanso said.

He also announced that the Baltic countries will respond to Russia’s actions and behavior during the NATO summit to be held in July in Warsaw.

“We want to ensure that the authorities in Moscow receive a clear message that such behavior is unacceptable and that the territories of the Alliance will be protected at all costs,” Hanso said.

This week, the US military command also claimed that Russian fighter jets carried out dangerous maneuvers in the Baltic region.

  Estonia, Russia