EU agreed to extend sanctions against Russia

The committee of the Permanent Representative of the EU countries (COREPER)  have approved the renewal of the sanctions against Russia for another six month.

The sanctions may be be reviewed in the future depending on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, reported the Ukrainian Interfax news agency, citing a EU diplomat in Brussels.

The decision of the COREPER now has to be approved by the  EU council.

On June 16th, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said that the decision on the extension of sanctions will be made on June 28-29 at the EU summit.

“Our position is clear. And it has been clear from the very beginning. We have to link the sanction against Russian with the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” Tusk said at a press conference.

The economic sanctions against Russian were initially introduced in the spring of 2014 as a result of Russia’s involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea

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