F-35 fighters arrive in Estonia accompanied by NATO reconnaissance aircraft

On April 25th, two US F-35A fighter aircraft and a 100 ARW KC-135 Stratotanker arrived at the Ämari Air Base in Estonia, accompanied by NATO RC-135 air reconnaissance aircraft, according to the Estonian newspaper Postimees.

“When the fighters entered Estonian airspace, there were three NATO reconnaissance aircraft, which is unusually high,” the newspaper noted.

The purpose of the NATO planes was to collect data on the activities of Russian radar systems tracking the arrival of the F-35s, the article said.

As was reported, the F-35s, the most modern fighter-bomber and the most expensive combat aircraft of the United States, arrived in Estonia to participate in military exercises.

The presence of the US Air Force in Europe thereby assures “allies and partners of the US that peace and stability will be maintained” in the Baltic region.

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