Freed Ukrainian POWs tell of harsh conditions of imprisonment

Recently freed Ukrainian POWs said that the conditions of their captivity were very difficult.

According to the 112 Ukraine media outlet, they had to pay for all of the negative attitudes that separatists have towards the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukraine overall.

The exchange of prisoners took place on Saturday in Marinka, where the former prisoners Sergey Garnaga, Sergey Dmitruk and Alexander Makuha are still located.

Red Cross representatives have communicated with them and said that their condition is satisfactory and they don't require medical attention.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in the so-called Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Daria Morozova, said that in the next few days, the so-called DPR will send Ukraine a new proposal for the exchange of prisoners. "On February 24th we will hold another meeting of the group. Ukraine will receive a new proposal [on the exchange] today or tomorrow. The representatives of the Ukrainians asked that the proposals be submitted as early as possible in order to finish working on them before the meeting of the humanitarian group," Morozova said.

According to her, the so-called DPR still holds around 20 Ukrainian prisoners.

According to Kiev, separatists still hold a total of 134 Ukrainians in captivity.

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