French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen was invited to visit Crimea

The Head of the Crimean Parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, reported that the candidate for President of France from the National Front Party, Marine Le Pen, was invited to visit the Crimean peninsula, RIA Novosti reported. Konstantinov stressed that Le Pen’s position on Crimea was the clear reason for his visit.

“The President of the National Front is one of the few politicians who exactly understood Crimea’s destiny and took the trouble to read the history of Crimea to understand it,” Konstantinov noted. According to him, many Western politicians perceive the situation around Crimea in a haughty manner, without bothering themselves with a desire to understand what is going on.“

The visit will be important for us. We hope so. Most likely, it could happen during the run-up to elections in France,” the Head of the Crimean Parliament added.

Le Pen had previously stated that France would recognize Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation in the event of her victory in the Presidential elections. She also expressed the view that the occupation of Crimea was legal.

The Security Service of Ukraine banned Marine Le Pen from entering Ukraine

The Republican nominee for the 2017 presidential elections, Le Pen’s opponent, François Fillon recently stated that Ukraine and Georgia were not designed for integration into the European Union and NATO.

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