German ambassador: Elections can be held in Donbas even with Russian forces present

According to the German Ambassador to Ukraine, Ernst Reichel, holding elections in the occupied territory of Donbas is possible before Russian military forces are withdrawn, reported.

“It’s not necessarily the case that elections in Donbas can only take place when there are no Russian forces there, or when the Ukrainian flag is flying at every city hall. Without a doubt, this is quite hard to imagine – holding local elections without ensuring safety. However, I am convinced that this is not impossible, everything depends on the conditions. I can give a historic example. The last parliamentary elections in East Germany which had to replace the communist regime took place in the presence of the Soviet Western Group of Forces, and the communist regime which existed there in East Germany at the time. But the elections led to its change,” Reichel stated during an interview with RBC-Ukraine

According to him, the elections must be held according to European standards. 

“Elections must undoubtedly take place under circumstances which meet European standards. That is why safety, alongside the other requirements of the electoral process, are necessary conditions. Every Ukrainian politician must have the opportunity to conduct his own electoral campaign without fear. And if there are no opportunities for this, it means that such elections cannot meet the standards,” Reichel stressed.

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