Groysman: Decentralization has been one of the most successful system reforms in Ukraine

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman, discussed the implementation of decentralization in Ukraine as one of the most important reforms needed for the development of the country, on Sunday at a conference with members of the Association of Cities of Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

"Decentralization is a step towards the development of the regions because the people have the resources and they will start to resolve the existing problems … only through decentralization and the unification of territorial communities will we provide the opportunities for economic growth for a depressive district or region," Groysman stated.

According to him, the development of decentralization is based on three fundamental things: authority, financial resources, and responsibility.

"Today we are introducing a full system of financial decentralization. Each of you has the ability to approve a budget on your own," Groysman stressed, addressing the conference participants.

According to him, communities are making good progress in the implementation of reforms which is evident through the tendencies to grow the local budgets. He cited the city of Ternopil as a leader in the introduction of local budget reform.

"26 united territorial communities were created in Ternopil. Ten will be created as a result of the elections on the 11th and 18th of December. These are real leaders. These people took responsibility. Budgets for the united communities of the Ternopil region alone increased threefold as a result of uniting their resources," the Prime Minister stressed.

"The reforms are not simple. They are extremely complex as they directly concern people’s lives. There are a lot of political speculations, but the experience of the implementation is quite different – we, and certain communities and people, are on the right path and should succeed," the Prime Minister added.

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