Japan scrambled fighters to intercept Russian bombers

During the second half of the day on January 24th, Japan's air force scrambled their fighters in response to three Russian bombers Tu-95 approaching the borders of the country.

Russian planes flew along the borders of the country in the north and then flew over the Sea of Japan, the Ministry of Defense of Japan stated. A map with the route of the Russian bombers’ flight and their photos were published on the ministry's website. Two bombers flew to the south of the island of Okinawa, flew around the island, and then returned to Russia in the evening of the same day.

According to the statement of the defense ministry, the Russian Federation did not violate Japan’s airspace.

Earlier, the US Air Force reported the dangerously close encounter of the Russian fighter with their reconnaissance aircraft. Russia has recently been accused of violating the airspace of Estonia, Turkey, and Israel.

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