Kasparov: Alliance of the West with Russia is immoral

Following the attacks in Paris last week, the US entered into an alliance with Russia, Iran, Syria, France and other countries against the Islamic State, which claimed responsibility for the attacks. Former world champion chess player, Garry Kasparov, has called this alliance immoral and disgusting. Kasparov, who heads the Human Rights Foundation in New York, stated in his interview to the Wall Street Journal, that NATO doesn't need Putin’s and Iran’s help to destroy ISIS; it simply needs the resolve to do so.

Kasparov believes that this alliance will undermine other efforts in the region. He stated that it was in the interests of the Kremlin to support the influx of Syrian refugees to Europe. He explained that the migrant crisis is useful for Putin in two respects. First, it diverts the attention of European powers from the continuing military campaign against Ukraine. Second, the influx of refugees strengthens the positions of ultra-right groups who publicly support Putin, increasing pressure on the European Union to lift sanctions against Russia.

Kasparov indicated the alliance with Iran, Russia and Assad’s regime is ethically disgusting, strategically catastrophic and absolutely unnecessary for the USA and the West. He claims the immorality of such an alliance is based on the USA’s official stance that Iran and Syria are long-standing sponsors of terrorism.  Kasparov stated, “U.S President, Barack Obama, and other leaders of the West, who are desperately trying to resolve the Syrian conflict, have to remember that your enemy’s enemy can become your enemy.”

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