Director of Russian Atomic Agency: There are 'informal sanctions' against the Russian nuclear industry

Sergey Kirienko, the Director General of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, said in an interview with channel NTV that the policy of “informal sanctions” against the Russian nuclear industry continues abroad, Interfax reported on Sunday.

“From a policy perspective, the Russian nuclear industry is not subject to any sanctions,” Kirienko said. “However, there are unwritten attempts. A number of Rosatom clients claim that they are getting the appropriate signals.” According to the senior executive of the state corporation, this is a regular occurrence.

“Nevertheless, we acknowledge that we’ve never had favorable conditions; we always worked in a highly competitive environment,” Kirienko stated. “The nuclear market is a politicized market with fierce competition. That means we should make proposals with an obvious number of advantages. We cannot simply build a nuclear plant for partners. We must also guarantee them that besides the construction of the nuclear plant we will help them to build national legislation, establish monitoring bodies, train specialists, train their industry to take part in construction and improve its competency.”

According to Kirienko, what’s important is that a customer is interested in the project, and then “companies may overcome even political problems.” He also expressed that “for me, the most important argument is that everywhere where we built nuclear plants, the customer always kept coming back.”

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