Kremlin refuses to comment on why Russian S-300 air defense systems didn't intercept American missiles

At a press briefing, Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov didn’t answer a question whether Russia purposely didn’t intercept the American missiles that blasted the Syrian Shayrat airbase.

The Kremlin’s representative also said that Russia believes that it is premature to put blames on anyone for the chemical attack before conducting an investigation.

 “We need to look for the answers to these questions together, but to make premature conclusions, immediately blaming someone, without having any information, any details and without conducting an investigation, is in the very least illogical,” Peskov said while answering a question whether Moscow admits that the chemical weapons could be in Idlib due to mistakes of Syrian army

 The Kremlin believes that the recent US missile strikes have substantially increased the likelihood of incidents in Syria.

 “Against the backdrop of these missile strikes, we could not speak of any other increased risks. The risks are already significantly increased,” said the Press Secretary of the Russian President.

There are no plans for a telephone conversation between Putin and Trump in the near future, as stated by Peskov.

Earlier, the former Deputy Chief of staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General-Lieutenant Igor Romanenko, said that the Russian surface-to-air S-300 missile systems that are deployed in Syria showed their ineffectiveness.


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