Kurdish tankers on Russian videos.

Kurdish officials: Oil tankers on the Russian videos belonged to us

Iraqi Kurds said that the tankers shown on the videos provided by the Russian Ministry of Defence are of their own property, Turkish newspaper the “Daily Sabah reported.

"Our Ministry of Natural Resources earlier reported that hundreds of tankers carry oil from Kurdistan to Turkey. Russia's claims are based on inadequate sources. We categorically reject the Russian charges," Sherko Jawdat, Chairman of the Energy Committee of Iraqi Kurdistan's Parliament said.

Earlier, during a press conference on Dec. 2, the Russian Defence Ministry published satellite footage showing three major oil transportation routes from Syria and Iraq to Turkey. The Defence Ministry accused the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of buying oil from ISIL , a recognized and banned terrorist organization.

According to the Russian military, the ISIL income from oil sales is $2 billion per year.

The Turkish President has denied the charges and vowed to resign if the allegations prove to be true. Erdoğan also suggested Putin resign if the allegations are not true. The Turkish President’s proposal has not been commented on by the Kremlin.

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