Latvian Security Police is worried about election interference from Russia

Russia could implement "targeted and very specific" actions through an information campaign against Latvia before the start of parliamentary and local government elections, according to Delfi’s report on the concerns of Security Police Chief Normunds Mežviets.

According to Mežviets, Russia could try to discredit the Latvian state, its policies and its leaders to support its anti-state sentiments and pave the way for political organizations that offer an alternative model of the political future of Latvia. He said that the majority of Latvians are already extremely critical of the government and its policies.

"Healthy criticism is undoubtedly important. But if taken to extremes, as with any other thing, it begins to lose its productivity and its positive effect. And I'm afraid that we are quite close to the limit, where the self-criticism becomes dangerous to ourselves,"  Mežviets said.

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