Leader of the Night Wolves biker club spoke at Russian Economic Forum

Biker Alexander "The Surgeon" Zaldostanov was invited to speak at the Gaidar Economic Forum, which takes place in Moscow. He took part in the discussion "Innovations in the formation of tourist-recreational clusters in the Russian Federation."

As reported by TASS, during his speech The Surgeon spoke of Patriot Park, which is being created in occupied Sevastopol by the Night Wolves motorcycle club.

Zaldostanov believes it is a popular and promising project that "can become a kind of informal Artek.” He also said that the Ministry of Defense would be a co-investor of the project. "30% will be ours, another 40% we will attract and of course the Ministry of Defense will invest in its own park, too."

Zaldostanov’s bands recently secured a 267-hectare plot in the suburbs of Sevastopol under a long-term lease at a very preferential price. The land previously belonged to a company owned by Ukrainian oligarch Vadim Novinsky. The bikers are planning to build a so-called year-round Patriot center of patriotic training on the grounds, which would be a kind of military-patriotic analogue to the children's camp "Artek.”

Earlier, the motorcyclists held "patriotic" rock festivals on this plot that were even attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russian Night Wolves motorcycle club became famous thanks to the friendly relations of their leader Alexander Zaldostanov with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The group has actively supported and enabled the annexation of the Crimea.

  Night Wolves


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