Legal proceedings against Russian citizens who broke into military base resume in Latvia

On Monday, 26 September, in Latvia, the Riga District Court proceeded with a case where two Russian citizens are accused of breaking into a military base in Ādaži last year, LETA reports.

Russian citizens Alexander Kurkin and Andrey Popko are accused of “public disorder,” and a known pro-Russian activist, Vladimir Linderman, is accused of assisting in the commission of the crime.

The case will be considered in a closed session. Under the provisions of the article “Public Disorder,” the accused can be sentenced to up to a five year imprisonment, fines, or forced labor. Initially, Kurkin and Popko were suspected of espionage and an attempt to commit an act of terrorism, but the accusations were amended.

The incident took place during the Saber Strike 2015 military exercises, in which American servicemen participated.

The investigation found that the Russian citizens, after preliminary preparations, broke into the military base.

The report by the Security Police also states that a resident of Latvia also assisted in the planning and preparation of the crime.

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