Lysenko: Most Russian 'journalists' in eastern Ukraine are spies

According to the speaker of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration on issues in the conflict area, Andrei Lysenko, most “Russian journalists” who wish to work in eastern Ukraine are spies.  He stated this in an interview with Novaya Gazeta.

“It is simple.  There are no joint activities with Russian journalists in the ATO area [eastern Ukraine].  The majority of Russian Federation citizens who were identified as belonging to the press were found to be spies.  They failed a background check done by the Security Service of Ukraine.  That was why decisions were made to not allow them to meet the military, to not give them an accreditation and to refuse entry into the country.  Very few correspondents from Russia were given press cards.  Citizens of Ukraine that cooperate with the Russian media are usually transparent about it,” Lysenko said.

It was previously reported that 100 Russian journalists have been deported from Ukraineto Russia.

In 2015, employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, together with Russian journalists of NTV and First Channel, detained a Ukrainian operator who was found to be working for the Russian Federation.

  Ukraine, Russia