Macierewicz: Poland is Under Threat from Foreign Aggression

Polish Defense Minister, Antoni Macierewicz, during a broadcast on Radio Maryja, claimed that Poland is more at risk of attack than other countries.

"An aggressor’s avalanche may fall upon us. That is why we must take the opportunity to make decisions about our defense strategies. It may even mean upsetting our allies who support our security, if our government considers it necessary," said Macierewicz.

The Minister also declared that Poland will raise the question at the NATO summit about the presence of foreign NATO soldiers in Poland. "At the summit in Warsaw, it will be determined whether Poland is a normal, full-fledged member of NATO, and subject to the same rules as Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries or whether is it a second-class member.” said Macierewicz.

 As reported by Apostrophe, the Polish Defense Ministry stated Poland had requested to join NATO’s nuclear weapons sharing program, but was denied.

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