Marinka checkpoint in eastern Ukraine closed due to sniper fire

The Marinka checkpoint was temporarily shut down on the 5th March due to a sniper attack at a Ukrainian roadblock on Saturday morning, the Ukrainian Armed Force’s press center stated.

The leaders of the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas region declared that the attack was a “reckless violation of the Minsk Agreements by fighters of the so-called DPR”.

Separatists attacked a roadblock of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at about 9:45 am.  The defense borderline of the Marinka checkpoint was also attacked by snipers.  Due to the possible threat to civilians, the command of the tactical force of Mariupol had decided to temporarily close the checkpoint.

The checkpoint was also previously closed on the 13th of February “due to constant shelling by terrorists”.  On the 10th of February, a bus near Marinka was bombed resulting in the deaths of three people.

  Ukraine, Donbas, Marinka