Media: Russian Bastion missile systems have been deployed to Crimea

A new division of Bastion coastal defense missile system arrived in the Crimea on November 30th, as reported by the Crimean news website citing a source in the Russian military. The divisions are replacing similar systems that were shipped to Syria in October this year.

“A division of Bastions is arriving in the peninsular. The systems will replace the complexes shipped to Syrian in October. Bastions will be located in tow districts of the peninsular,“ the source said.

The news website's source explained that Bastion are mobile complexes which can constantly change their location and will be moving along the Crimean western or northeastern parts of the coast. "The cover provided by such systems as Bastion significantly increases the anti-ship and air-defense security of the peninsular,“ the source stated.

A division of Bastion coastal defense systems usually has 10 trucks and 4 launching systems. The K-300P Bastion-P is equipped with supersonic anti-ship Oniks missiles.

On November 15th Russia used Bastion systems for the first time to hit ground targets in Syria.

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