Media: Chinese companies are actively investing in the Crimea

Chinese companies (including state-owned enterprises) are secretly entering the annexed Crimea as investors, providing services for the Crimean authorities and supplying the peninsula with the latest industrial equipment, according to an article written by Valentina Samar for ZN.UA.

According to Samar, the Kherson office of the Security Service of Ukraine has not yet completed the pre-trial investigation into the participation of the Chinese vessel JIAN JI 3001 in the construction of the so-called energy bridge to the Crimea through the Kerch Strait. In this investigation, as the author points out, there is no suspect, and the Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Co., Ltd, which owns the ship, has not been included in the Ukrainian sanctions list.

“When I asked why, one minister significantly replied, ‘Well, it's Chinese!’” Samar explained.

According to the author, another Chinese company — the state-owned China National Building Materials International, which in 2013 invested in the Klyuev brothers’ solar project, Active Solar, is now the stakeholder of several solar companies in the Crimea, and recently received almost a billion dollar contract from Russia for electricity production.

The third Chinese company, whose name is kept in secret, supplied the company of the Chairman of the Crimean Council, Vladimir Konstantinov, with the latest equipment for the Sharhin quarry and is completing its assembly.

“... The processes are going. They may not be as fast as we would like, but they (foreign investors) are not afraid anymore,” Samar writes, quoting Konstantinov's statement on foreign investments in the Crimea.

As the author noted, every single investor in the Crimea works to legitimize the annexation of the Crimea.

"And the Ukrainian government understands this, but the trouble is that many of those who make a decision or influence the process are among these investors themselves. If the Ukrainian authorities want to see helping hands reaching out to Ukraine, they need to properly wash their own,” concludes Samar.

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