Media: Dachas being demolished in Crimea to build road access for Kerch Bridge

In Kerch, in the territory of the garden non-profit partnership "Zaliv", the demolition of dacha sections owned by members of the cooperative has begun, reported the local newspaper Kerch.FM, citing members of the cooperative.

Summer residents report that the heavy equipment that is razing their lots to the ground has already been working for a week. These lots are located on territory along which will run future automotive access ways to the Kerch Bridge, which is currently under construction.

The publication also made a video of the process. People are indignant at the work, and call the workers "barbarians."

Furthermore, members of the cooperative claim that they have not been paid promised compensation.

"As of the current moment, the owners of the land plots have not been paid compensation for the seized plots, as they have not been demolished. The remaining members of the cooperative, who did not manage to privatize their dacha plots, were offered in exchange of the seized plots different plots. These plots are distributed among members of the cooperative. However, the documents granting the right to use these sites and the decision of the Executive Committee regarding the allocation of these sites both have not yet been formalized or handed over to citizens," writes Kerch.FM.

Members of the cooperative state that they do not have enough time to transport property from old garden plots to the new ones.

"Not everyone has the ability to take apart on their own everything that was built, erected and cultivated over several decades. However, no one is paying any attention to this. Some summer residents, who have begun taking apart their dachas with whatever means they have, arrive to an absolutely flat field where their dacha were still been standing yesterday," the residents say.

Earlier, members of the Zaliv partnership stated that they were unhappy with the compensation offered to them, since it was less than the cadastral value of their summer cottages.

  Kerch Strait Bridge, Crimea, Ukraine, Russia