Media: In May, Putin will meet with heads of defense companies to discuss development of Russia's military industry

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a number of special meetings in Sochi from May 16th to 20th on the development of the armed forces in Russia, reports the newspaper Kommersant, citing as its sources top managers of companies in the military industry.

“A different topic will be discussed each of the five days, and the talks will focus on armaments and military equipment, after which, while the president is still there, the manufacturers and the military will discuss the problems which have developed.” the newspaper notes.
At the meetings, the reform and prospects of the rocket and space industry will also be discussed. Igor Komarov, head of the state corporation Roscosmos, will speak at the meeting.

"And on May 22nd, Vladimir Putin will again host managers of the state corporation, accompanied by [Deputy Prime Minister of Russia] Dmitry Rogozin and officials of the financial and economic bloc. They will discuss the Federal Program ‘Development of Spaceports During the 2017-2025 Period,’” noted the newspaper.

Such events are held twice a year, in May and November.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that the effective performance of Russian weapons during military operations in Syria caused an increase in the number of export contracts for Russian weapons.

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