Media: Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate was involved in hacking of Macron's email

The Chief Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Russian Armed Forces could be behind the cyber-attack at the headquarters of French President Emmanuel Macron, as reported by Russian Insider publication, citing its own investigation.

In May, Insider wrote that the name of Georgiy Roshka, an employee of ZAO Evrika, which works with the Russian Ministry of Defense, appeared in the files from the hacked correspondence of Macron's headquarters. It also reported that in 2014, Roshka allegedly attended the "Parallel Computing Technologies" (PCT) conference as a representative from company Eureka.

Eureka, meanwhile, has claimed that Roshka never worked at the enterprise.

As Insider writes, in the list of PCT-2016 conference participants, "Military unit 26165, specialist" was listed across from Roshka’s name. The 285th main center of the special service of the GRU, also known as military unit No. 26165, specializes in cryptography. The head of this center, Igor Korobov, as well as his deputy, Sergei Gizunov, came under U.S. sanctions for "actions to undermine democracy in the U.S." in connection with hacker attacks.

Additionally, servicemen specializing in electronic intelligence, radio interception and decipherment, as well as three employees of the state-run think tank Kvant subordinate to Russia’s FSB, attended the conference. In 2015, this organization was accused of having ties with hackers from Italy.

At the same time, in 2017, Roshka appears on the list of PCT-2017 participants as "a researcher at the Center for Strategic Research" (likely the Ministry of Defense's Special Development Center). The Insider does not exclude the idea that this title was used as a cover.

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