Media: Yanukovych’s son will invest $13 million in construction in Montenegro

Oleksandr Yanukovych, son of the fugitive former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, decided to invest thirteen million dollars in real estate construction in Montenegro, according to a report by the Serbian tabloid, Informer.

According to Informer, Yanukovych intends to build apartments and business facilities. He was prompted to invest by 31-year-old Serbian model and Playboy star Soraja Vučelić, who will be an intermediary in the deal.

The publication calls Yanukovych Jr. a "successful businessman” and the "son of the former prime minister" and does not mention the sanctions imposed on him in Montenegro and in many other countries. It was also noted that he met with Vučelić on the Montenegrin coast last year.

Last summer, Oleksandr was in Montenegro, where he met Soraja through mutual friends. Oleksandr said that he had permission for construction and had plans to invest in Montenegro. Soraja told him that she also had such plans and had “already had them for some time," the newspaper writes, citing a source.

In October 2016, the Prosecutor General's Office filed charges against Olexandr Yanukovych under the ongoing Mezhyhirya case.

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