Media: Russia to start mass production of its newest Sarmat missiles

Krasmash, the main manufacturer of Intercontinental Ballistic sea-based Sarmat missiles, is ready to start mass production of these missiles, reports Russia’s Zvezda (Star) TV channel.  

It is expected that the Russian military will start receiving the missiles in 2018.

“Currently, RS-20B Voyevoda is considered the most powerful ICMB (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile). The new Sarmat missile will be much lighter than Voyevoda and will have a better fuel efficiency. The target range of the new missile will increase significantly and will be above 11000 km. The new Sarmat ICMB will also have equipment allowing it to overcome the American anti-missile systems,” the channel reports.

According to Zvezda channel, the missile will be able to counter threats coming from space. Thanks to its increased range, the trajectory of Sarmat can go over the South Pole, while Voyevoda ICMBs are restricted to the North Pole only.

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