Media: Russian-made weapons have been found in Mosul

British Sky News channel reports that special forces of the French Army, which are conducting a joint operation with the Iraqi armed forces near Mosul, have found  Russian-made rockets at ISIS arms depot in the western part of Mosul. According to the channel, the rockets had chemical payloads.

There were reportedly dozens of such rockets as well as hand-crafted launch pads.

The channel reports that the rockets have Russian markings and were supposedly brought from Syria. Most of the rockets were for aircraft launch but there was one MRLS (Multiple Rocket Launch System) rocket for surface-to-air purposes.

According to French military advisors, when launched from such hand-crafted launch pads, these rockets could reach a range of dozens of kilometers.

Near the ammunition facility the military also found several trucks with coking coal and unknown chemicals.

  Mosul, Iraq, Russia