Media: Russian Special Forces arrived at the border with Libya

Russian Special Forces have arrived at an airbase in western Egypt. According to Reuters, the special unit plans to intervene in the conflict in Libya. Servicemen, who are apparently members of a Russian special unit and new unmanned aerial vehicles, are stationed near Sidi Barrani, approximately 100 kilometers away from the border with Libya, Reuters reported citing diplomatic sources in the United States and Egypt.

According to the Egyptian Security Services, a Russian unit of 22 servicemen arrived at the airfield in western Egypt. The purpose of their mission is unknown. However, the Agency’s source stated that Russia already used another Egyptian Air Force Base located near Mersa Matruh in early February. Spokespeople for Reuters suggest that providing support for the Commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, would likely be the purpose of the Russian Special Forces.

On the 3rd of March, Khalifa Haftar withdrew from a number of oil-producing areas. The Russian Ministry of Defense didn’t comment on the arrival of Special Forces in Egypt. Meanwhile, Cairo stated that there are no foreign soldiers in the country. Haftar’s representatives did not confirm whether Russia is providing assistance to his units.

Mass media previously emphasized that a few dozen people from a private Russian military company are fighting alongside Khalifa Haftar. This information has not been confirmed.

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