Media: There is unexplained Russian military buildup in the Crimea

According to witnesses, the Russian military has been increasing its presence in several areas in the annexed Crimea over the previous day. According to eye witness accounts, military roadblocks reinforced with armed soldiers have been established in the Razdonletsky district.

The soldiers are stopping and inspecting the passing traffic. Similar roadblocks are reportedly set up in Chernomorsky district. When asked about the reasons for the road checks the soldiers state the “breach of the border [Crimean border] “.

On the morning of August 7, some Russian media resources reported “shootings at the Crimean border”. There has been no conformation from the Ukrainian border guard service and military regarding  this incident.

The First Deputy Head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, Nariman Jelal, reports about the  increased present of Russian military in the north of the Crimea. According to him, the city of Dzhankoy is completely surrounded and blocked by the Russian military.

In the morning the Ukrainian Border Guard Service reported that the Russia side for unknown reasons blocked the traffic into the Crimea. A few hours later the traffic was allowed in again. There has been no information from the Crimean authorities regarding any incidents.

  Crimea, Russia