Mejlis urges Crimean Tatars to publicize human rights abuses

The First Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, Nariman Dzhelal, called on the Crimean Tatar community activists and all those who suffered from political repression in the Crimea to maximize the publicity of all human rights violations, in a statement to Krym.Realii.

"On the very first day, when Ilmi Umerov (deputy head of Mejlis) was taken to a psychiatric institution, we immediately began to photograph everything and to report on the conditions here. That is why now, a week later, we can freely visit him and bring him packages. They are afraid of this kind of attention, because we are exposing the situation of this regime in general. This means that it will require a certain perseverance to make them understand that we will not leave them alone,” he said.

On August 27, Nariman Dzhelal encouraged members of the Crimean Solidarity Association to inform the public about all violations of law and human rights in the Crimea.

"Let us create an uproar about this, because now we want to get not only the international community involved in this, but namely, the health and human rights organizations, so that they can interfere. If Ukrainians cannot get here, then let diplomats and experts, including medical, come here through Moscow, and state that people cannot be kept in these circumstances and that it is actually torture. You must understand that we shout in one ear and the Russian Federation into another. Therefore, any information that you have, should be delivered by all means possible, including personal pages in social networks," Nariman Dzhelal said.

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