Ministry of information policy of Ukraine asks Facebook to establish an 'antifake-filter' for Ukrainian citizens

The Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine (MIP) asked Facebook management to establish anti-fake news mechanisms in the Ukrainian segment, as stated by the Minister of Informational Policy, Yuriy Stets, the press service of the agency reported.

“We have analyzed the internet environment taking into account users’ requests and have asked Facebook management to develop mechanisms to fight fake news for Ukrainians similar to efforts made in other countries. The MIP, in turn, is ready to assist the process under the direction of the network’s administration,” he said.

He noted that Facebook is becoming increasingly popular among Ukrainian users and also is the source of information for many media reports, that’s why Ukrainians have a right to receive accurate and true information on the social network.

According to the MIP, Facebook leadership recently announced the creation of anti-fake news mechanisms in the U.S.A. and Germany. The “Antifake-filter” will provide users the opportunity to mark news as not reliable. After that news will be considered by a special agency.

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