Monument to energy blackouts to be erected in Crimea

It was decided to immortalize the memory of energy cutoffs in Yalta. A sculpture made of two huge bulbs will be mounted in one of the city squares, as reported by the head of city administration, Andrey Rostenko.

"It is the initiative of a local businessman, quite an interesting and creative project," he explained and added that the construction will be an automatic watering system, and the "bulbs" will become an original "monument to the blackouts," tells Kryminform.

According to Rostenko, the project also provides for the creation of a walkable lawn. "This square will become an example of the development of green zones in Yalta," promised the head of the administration.

At the same time he reported that the construction of high-rises, agreed to when Ukraine oversaw the city, was planned right where the square and adjoining land is. "Of course, this decision has been cancelled and notifications about the cancellation of lease contracts have been sent. But so far all this has been done only by a strong-willed administration. And the courts are waiting for us ahead," Rostenko said.

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