Moscow reiterates its right to defend its security in response to Montenegro's entry into NATO

Moscow reserves the right to take measures aimed at protecting its interests and national security, after Montenegro's entry into NATO. This was stated in a message published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"We must state with deep regret that the current leadership of the country and its Western patrons have not heeded the voice of reason and conscience," the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry reads.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that the leadership of the country ignored the will of "nearly half the country's population, who oppose the ‘NATO priority’ in foreign policy." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the fact that 46 of 81 MPs took part in the voting "a demonstrative act of the trampling of all democratic norms and principles.”

"Taking into account the potential of Montenegro, the North Atlantic alliance is unlikely to get significant ‘added value’. But Moscow cannot ignore the strategic consequences of this step. Therefore, we reserve the right to make such decisions which are aimed at protecting our interests and national security," the department added.

Earlier, the Parliament of Montenegro approved the country's accession to NATO. At a retreat in the former capital of Cetinje, 46 deputies ratified the protocol on joining the Alliance.

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