Mutko: FIFA unfairly scrutinized from every angle

Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has voiced his dissatisfaction with the investigation of FIFA corruption.  The Minister said that the International Football Federation is under serious pressure from investigators from the US and Switzerland who are in charge of the probe.

"We can see how FIFA is put under a lot of pressure by the law enforcement systems of the United States and Switzerland; they professionally and methodically examine international football piece by piece. He who seeks will always find," complained Mutko in an interview with

"We need to formulate clear regulations and principles, after which it will be possible to choose a new president of FIFA. The challenge now is not to split the international federation, but to find a consensus, to unite around a particular candidate who will be able to confidently manage FIFA in such a difficult time," Mutko said.

The Sports Minister’s comments come following the federation’s decision to suspend FIFA President Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini, head UEFA, for eight years.

The FIFA corruption scandal erupted in May of this year, with a raid on a luxury hotel in Zurich where seven of the federation’s executives were arrested under charges of widespread corruption.

The US Department of Justice is continuing its investigation into the suspicious bidding process for the Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 World Cups.

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