Netanyahu: Dozens of tons of chemical weapons remain in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that dozens of tons of chemical weapons remain in Syria. He discussed this in an interview with Channel 9.

"Syria still has chemical weapons; albeit a small percentage of its former arsenal, but it's still tens of tons," Netanyahu said.

According to Netanyahu, the world community committed to eliminate chemical weapons on Syrian territory, but this did not happen. He added that "this must be done."

The Israeli prime minister noted that "if anyone ever comes up with the idea of ​​using weapons of mass destruction against Israel, he will endanger himself."

"I say only one thing: the possible use of chemical weapons against us is unacceptable, and we will react to this with full force," Netanyahu said.

Earlier, the organization Human Rights Watch indicated in its report that Soviet bombs were allegedly used in the chemical attack in Idlib on April 4.

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