Netherlands to present report on weapon used to bring down MH17

According to a press release by the international investigation team, Holland’s Prosecutor’s office, which is heading the joint investigation team determining the cause of the Malaysian passenger plane crash in the Donbas, will present a report on the weapon which was used to attack the airliner.

The report will not constitute the final results of the investigation, Prosecutors said. Despite the noticeable progress in the investigation, they still don’t have enough information to provide a final conclusion. The commission expects Russia to provide technical data on their Buk anti-aircraft system and where it was located.

A Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was downed on 17 July 2014 in the Donetsk region. All people on board were killed. On 3 October 2015, a commission of the Security Council of The Netherlands published a report stating that the plane was brought down by a Buk surface-to-air missile.

A joint investigation team consisting of representatives from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, The Netherlands and Ukraine is carrying out the criminal investigation related to the tragedy.

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