Netherlands Working Towards Prosecution of MH17 Culprits in the Coming Months

In the next few months, Dutch authorities will choose the best strategy for criminal prosecution and indictment of the suspects who may have shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Ukrinform reports that this statement was made by Bert Koenders, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on Monday in Brussels at a meeting of the foreign affairs committee.

According to him, the current phase of prosecution “is actively continuing” and the perpetrators of this tragedy must be punished. "For now, the most essential task is to prosecute the persons responsible for the destruction of the passenger aircraft and to bring those persons to justice,” emphasized Koenders.

He recalled that it was a Russian veto that prevented organizing the International Tribunal at the UN Security Council level. "But that does not mean that we will cease our efforts,” the Minister assured.

He noted that the situation regarding this tragedy is at the third stage. The first was to find all the bodies of the dead of different countries and deliver them to the Netherlands. The international investigation concerning the causes of catastrophe was carried out and completed at the second stage.

  Bert Koenders, Netherlands, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, international investigation