Norway will not take refugees entering from Russia.

Norway said it will send refugees entering from Russia back.

Syrian refugees which arrive in Norway through Russian border will be sent back if they previously have stayed in Russia for a lengthy period of time.

“Some persons who apply for a refugee status have lived in Russia for a long time. This would imply that they are not escaping war or poverty and do not require Norway to  provide their safety since Russia has already done so " said the justice and national safety minister of Norway Anders Anundsen in his interview to Norwegian media.

According to him all the refugee applicants who legally stayed in Russian territory will be sent back in the shortest time.

He also said that those who do not have any official status in Russia and chose Russia as their transit route escaping war can count on their applications being favorably reviewed.

Anundsen does not exclude that certain groups can deliberately transport Syrian refugees through Russian territory.

“We observe an increased influx of refugees arriving from Russia, while Finland does not seem to have such an issue “said the Minister

According to Norwegian Immigration authorities this year there have been more that 1.1 thousands of applications from refugees arriving from Russia. Among those 850 were submitted only last month. Many applicants state that they are the residents of Syria although having lived in Russia for a lengthy period.

The Norwegian authorities do not exclude that by the end there could be as many as 5000 refugees arriving from Russia

The authorities of Norwegian Northern territories bordering on Russia have been for weeks calling on the government to give attention to this situation, pointing out that the situation is spiraling out of control.

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