Pentagon seeks to examine experiences of Ukrainian veterans to help train US soldiers

The U.S. Army seeks to examine the experiences of Ukrainian veterans on the frontline in order to use it to train its soldiers, as reported by Golos Ameriki, based on the results of the first training rotation of Ukrainian servicemen.

“We seek to examine information provided by ATO veterans concerning their military operations. We want to provide a report of our findings to the Armed Forces of Ukraine so they may better understand things Ukrainian soldiers have to deal with,” the article says.

“Once the training program is taken over by the Ukrainians, they will be able to use the materials we have developed for the ongoing training of servicemen. In addition, these materials will also be distributed to soldiers in the U.S. Army," the article states.

As previously reported, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved draft legislation on military assistance to Ukraine amounting to $300 million.

  Ukraine, Pentagon, Donbas