Poland will construct a hub for gas transit to Ukraine

Poland will build a hub for the transportation of gas to Ukraine and other farther countries in Southern Europe. This was stated by the Polish Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, Piotr Naimski, according to Radio Poland.

The Minister pointed out that the creation of the hub is connected with Polish company Gaz-System S.A.’s construction of several gas-transport connections with Ukraine, Lithuania and other countries. Thanks to them, Poland "will have access to Ukrainian customers and also be able to supply natural gas to Southern Europe through Ukraine."

Naimski emphasized that Poland "wants to have at least three sources of natural gas supplies.” In addition to Russian fuel, the new hub will transport natural gas from the Świnoujście LNG terminal and from the Norwegian continental shelf, which will arrive in Poland through the Baltic gas pipeline from Denmark.

"Poland intends to build a gas hub... We plan to increase the capacity of the Polish LNG terminal to supply raw materials to other countries in our region,” Piotr Naimski stated.

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