Polish prosecutors question President of the European Council in connection with Smolensk air disaster

Polish investigators questioned the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, regarding the investigation into the plane crash near Smolensk in 2010, Deutsche Welle reports.

The questioning was held on Thursday, August 3rd. Tusk, who was the Prime Minister of Poland during the Smolensk disaster, has been accused of violating the autopsy process of those that the crash victims.

Prior to the questioning, Tusk stated that he had "no doubt" about reasons behind him being summoned to the Prosecutor's Office. Like Polish opposition, he sees this as a political ploy by Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of the national-conservative ruling party, Law and Justice.

Recently Kaczyński stated that Tusk had every reason to be "afraid." A few weeks ago, Jarosław Kaczyński also told the opposition that they had "killed" his brother.

The crash of the Polish government aircraft TU-154 occurred on April 10, 2010 near Smolensk. All 96 people who were on board died, including the President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński.

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