Political prisoner Oleg Sentsov transferred to Chelyabinsk

The Public Oversight Commission has visited Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov at a detention center in Chelyabinsk.

The activists reported that the filmmaker has been transferred to a quarantine cell after being held in the basement cells, as reported by TSN News.

"He was transferred to a quarantine cell, before that he had been in a four-bed prison cell with 11 prisoners, they took turns sleeping. Prisoner transfers are organized every day, but for some reason he is still there. He carries himself well. The transfer to Yakutia lies ahead," as relayed by the POC.

According to Sentsov, he was held in the basement not only in Chelyabinsk where he was transferred to last Friday, but in Samara as well.

Moreover, according to the political prisoner, there was another Crimean activist, Alexander Kolchenko, at the same detention center

The Russians also added that Sentsov still coughs, but not as badly as before. In response to a question about his health he answered, smiling and said that everything was fine.

"I’m travelling around the Russian Federation... It’s quite interesting," the filmmaker commented on his prison transfer. The activist added that "he really radiates optimism.” On the 24th February Svetlana Sidorkina, one of Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko lawyers, informed that the Ukrainians convicted in Russia were transferred to Chelyabinsk.

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